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In early 2011 the owner of ALL AMERICAN TRAVEL COMPANY.COM LLC, a licensed travel agency with CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association, Inc.) and registered with the State of Florida as a reseller of travel decided to remove itself from the TRAVEL CLUB business. They formerly allowed their club members to book their own travel and receive a rebate from the agency’s commission from the suppliers. As it turns out, this violated some of the agency agreements between the suppliers and agency.

So beginning early this year we have changed our agency model to be more in tune with the industry. Thus, we are still operating as a retail travel agency; mostly in the cruise and tour travel vacation arena. We are not a licensed IATAN agency, so we do NOT issue any airline tickets unless they are offered via the tour or cruise supplier as part of their package.

Being a boutique travel agency we are now offering anyone the opportunity to become a home-based travel agent. You will earn a commission on any and all of your bookings done through our agency. We will pay you a percentage of what we earn on your bookings.

Qualifications to be an outside travel agent? NONE

Join our team and promote travel to your family and friends. You make the reservations for your clients with us, All-American Travel being the host agency.

How much does this cost? NOTHING

While others in the industry have used MLM schemes and other methods of extracting fees from their Outside Agents, we believe that your dedication to this home-based business giving both of us the opportunity to grow the business is sufficient.

How do I get started? Send us an email with your vital information for our database.  Please send it to:

We do not send newsletters, promos or other junk email to you, promise. We recommend that you, if you lack experience in the travel agency field, Google travel agent training and learn the ins and outs of the travel agency business. Personally, being a good traveler helps!

Can I be on the Travel Agency employee list? NO

We reserve our CLIA list to inside full-time agents only.

How do we get paid and what is the record keeping? Prior to the booking we send out an agency check to your address on file. We deduct a handling fee of $25 per person from the commission you earn. Along with your first booking, we will send out the IRS Form W-9 so we can have the proper information in our file to process the Form 1099s at the end of the year.

Exactly how much can I make? BUNCHES

When you send us your vital information we will return an information form describing the procedures to make a valid travel industry booking and the commission structure we use for ALL of our Outside Travel Agents. I think you will be very happy with what you see and earn!

How do I get started?

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Fla. Seller of Travel Ref. No. ST38349