We are a retail travel agency offering anyone the opportunity to become a home-based travel agent. You will earn a commission on any and all of your bookings done through our agency. We will pay you a percentage of what we earn on your bookings. 


How it Works

 As an Outside Sales Agent, you make the cruise or tour reservation for yourself, family and friends.  You are rewarded with 80% of the agency commission on the bookings as an Outside Sales Agent for All American Travel. That is an industry BEST!! 

The booking and payment process you perform should be less than a half hour. You must be an adult and no other credentials are required. 


How do I get Paid

Normal commission on cruise and tour reservations is 10%. All American Travel gives you a check before the travel date for 80% of what we receive less a $25 per traveler fee. As an example:

Book a $6,000 cruise for two. Commission to the agency is $600. 

You receive 80% of the $600 or $480 less 2 traveler transaction fees of $25. Net check to you is $430. 


About the Agency

I started the agency in 1991 and I am still a practicing CPA in Naples, FL . I need to worry about this offer being anything but REAL. I, just like you, love to travel as my #1 hobby, so I started my own travel agency and encourage you to be on the inside of the travel world. Send me a message below and I will return information describing the procedures to make a valid travel industry booking and the commission structure we use for ALL of our Outside Travel Agents. I think you will be very happy with what you see and earn! 

Drop us a line to Get Started.